Clinical Research

Quality labeling solutions for clinical research projects in pharmaceutical, medical device and biologics development

We bring extensive manufacturing expertise and over 60 years of industry experience to provide your clinical research projects with labels and booklets of superior quality and functionality. You can trust AWT as your partner during  this critical step in the life science R&D supply chain.


A full suite of products to support clinical research needs across every phase of development

We offer a wide range of standard constructions specifically designed for clinical research in life sciences. Our in-house R&D team can also create custom solutions for your unique application or trial conditions.

  • Single and multi-panel labels
  • Perma-Peel™ labels
  • Multi-adhesive labels
  • Booklets
  • Scratch-off laminates
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Tube labels
  • Blank labels
  • Expiry updates


End to end support of your critical projects

  • Project Development
  • Label Design
  • Computerization
  • Coding
  • Randomization creation
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Controlled inventory management
  • Automated inspection systems

Featured Products

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Quality labeling solutions for clinical research projects We bring extensive manufacturing expertise and over 60 years of industry experience to...
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Featured Capabilities

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