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Flexographic Labels & Packaging

Achieve premium print effects and cost-effective solutions

For attractive labels and packaging with unrivaled graphics and color reproduction, flexographic printing “flexo” might be the right option for your project. Flexographic printing can achieve improved print effects that other technologies can’t, including super-opaque whites and precise color matching. Printing with flexo can give your package an upscale, premium appearance.
When can flexo printing be the right solution?
  • Exact color matching is required
  • Unique or varied substrates
  • Tamper evident solution
  • Extended content 
  • Multiple construction layers
  • Metallic or florescent colors
  • Cold foil designs
  • Opaque whites


AWT delivers custom labels and packaging for your unique application and market

Utilizing a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesives, material combinations, and flexographic printing techniques, we develop solutions that support the evolving needs of your brand and products.

It’s not easy to get these results. Flexographic printing is complex, and experience is indispensable. AWT has some of the most knowledgeable press operators in the industry. Our team are highly skilled and take great pride in their work. In fact, we share our expertise to help our industry. Other printers send trainees to our in-house flexography school to learn the craft from AWT.


Ultimate flexibility and customization at scale

The possibilities for customization are endless when you partner with AWT.
AWT’s experience across industries and reputation of helping market leaders and trailblazers succeed, we have proven expertise with a wide range of techniques and applications. With over 50 years of innovation and continuous improvement, we have experience with a wide range of adhesives, materials, inks, sizes, shapes, embellishment, and finished formats to apply to your custom solution.
The AWT Difference
  • Experienced and highly skilled operators
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Sustainable print stock options
  • Adhere to FIRST standards
  • Variety of finishing options
  • Unmatched quality and service

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