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“HeArt of the Dragon”: Rebellium Wines Community Collaboration Project

This project, spearheaded by Blake Barrios, a talented artist and proprietor of Rebellium Wines, was not just about creating beautiful labels. It was about empowering local youth and supporting community initiatives. Blake’s vision to mentor these teens and guide them through creating a mural, which was then used as the wine label design, was truly inspiring.

Line Shack Winery Saves 33% on Wine Label Costs

Doing business with a large label manufacturer can cause multiple issues
for an emerging winery like Line Shack. The Balentines say they were experiencing many of them: quality issues, long lead times, over paying for
labels and always receiving 10% over shipments.

Biochip and Micro-Fabrication

Our Client A recognized world leader in biochips and micro-fabrication of solid-state diagnostic devices. Their products comprise a range of acute-care tests run on a general purpose patient-side blood analyzer. The product uses wireless smart card technology requiring very tight tolerances.   The Challenge To improve the manufacturing yield of a cartridge used in a handheld […]

RFID: A Pharmaceutical Trial Run Success

Our Client A global corporation conducting R&D in pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain compliance technologies. Their purpose was to develop a system of monitoring and reporting if or when a research subject took their medication. Working in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies, the company developed special packaging to be used as part of medication trial runs. The system consisted of: A […]

A Life Saving Ventilator Supply Chain Ramp Up

Life saving highly-portable ventilator technology was needed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Could the supply planning integration be done rapidly enough to meet the sudden spike in demand?

Printed Circuit and Adhesive Lamination for Microfluidics

Our Client A multinational global medical device company offering a broad range of innovative medical and scientific devices. The Challenge Our client came to us with the following challenges: To manufacture a multi-layer microfluidic component that included a printed electrical circuit laminated with patterned bio-inert adhesive in a tight registration tolerance of ± 0.2 mm […]