Your Clinical Trial Labeling: Sturdy Footing or Achilles Heel?

Most people are familiar with the story of Achilles and his one point of weakness that led to his demise. In Homer’s epic poem the “Iliad”, Achilles, Greece’s bravest and strongest warrior, is finally done in when an arrow shot by Paris is guided into his heel by a vengeful Apollo. In typical Homer fashion there’s a long backstory (we all remember our freshman year Western Civ lecture classes) of politics, meddling gods, broken promises, and lots and lots of revenge-fueled bloodshed.

Get ‘Krafty’ With Sustainable Flow Wrap

Recycling Bin

Paper-based ‘Flow Wrap’ is a packaging solution that offers several benefits for companies seeking attractive and sustainable packaging options. Comprised of 95% Kraft paper with a polyethylene lamination, Flow Wrap provides a combination of paper’s natural appeal and the barrier properties of the polyethylene lamination. One of the key advantages of Flow Wrap is its […]

Tamper Evident Labels

When it comes to security and product packaging integrity, there is not a market or industry where ensuring the most stringent practices is of utmost importance. Whether dealing with consumer goods, the wine and spirits industry, technology industries (and many more), tamper evident labels have proven time and time again to be effective against counterfeit […]

3 Reasons Why Going Solvent-Free Improves Sustainability

Everyone wants to live in a sustainable world. This includes being environmentally responsible in our work every day. In the flexible packaging industry, most of the sustainability efforts tend to focus on materials. Designers and researchers are always searching for materials that come from renewable sources, are reusable in some way, can be easily recycled, or […]

Why is Total Applied Cost Important?

When it comes to labels and flexible packaging, the cost of the part is a small component of the Total Applied Cost (TAC) of the part. Budget owners should consider several elements of what it costs to get the product accurately labeled, packaged and routed to the shipping dock. We believe this blog will give some […]

MDR Requires Traceability of Medical Devices

Historically, companies selling implantable medical devices in Europe have not been required to provide patients with device-specific information. In the event of a medical emergency, not having immediate access to this critical information predisposes the patient to a variety of unnecessary operational risks.

Make Your Household Product Stand Out

The household product market can seem saturated with numerous options; one walk down your local retail store aisle is all the proof you need. From laundry detergents to room deodorizers to floor cleaners, there are seemingly countless choices for a consumer to choose from! It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your product […]

The Great Shelf Life Debate

The issue of the ideal shelf life is a debate that likely will never be settled. The reason for the debate and the complicating factors is that in order to address this issue, some device manufacturers have instituted a ‘remaining shelf life’ requirement. In effect, this is a non-negotiable requirement stating that any component with […]

Laser or Thermal Transfer?

A frequent label question from startup medical device manufacturers, or existing companies implementing a new line, is whether it’s best to use laser jet or thermal transfer for in-house printing.  The typical way which this is decided is by utilizing the “Pioneer Theory”.  This states that since pioneers in the past stood a risk of […]