Why conduct formative evaluations?

Take time to read this informative blog post about the importance of formative evaluations when it comes to medical devise interfaces. Courtesy of the Medical Device Research Group (MDRG). The below link will take you away from the AWT website. Why conduct formative evaluations? – MDRG

Your FDA Checklist for Personal Care and Beauty Product Packaging Requirements

All personal care and beauty products manufactured in the US or imported are monitored and regulated by the FDA. The FDA’s Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act protects consumers from unsafe and deceptively packaged or labeled products by outlawing interstate commerce of adulterated or misbranded cosmetics. Producers of personal care and beauty products, including soap […]

Does your product suffer from Category Camouflage?

You may have the best product in the world, and a marketing strategy that generates a ton of interest, but none of that will matter if consumers can’t find your brand at retail.  There are now so many different product options on store shelves that they begin to blend in with each other.  Just look […]

Touchy Packaging

No, we’re not talking about overly sensitive packaging that you need to be mindful of, and careful about what you say. This ‘touchy’ refers to packaging that lends tactile elements to the sensory presentation.  Package material suppliers and converters have spent a lot of time thinking about the ‘touch’ sense and are suggesting that it […]

Recycling: It’s not automatic.

Even though a package is labeled as “recyclable,” it doesn’t mean you can just toss it and forget it. You’re a consumer goods manufacturer, and you’ve invested time and effort into making sure yourproduct’s packaging is sustainable. For example, perhaps you’ve worked with a packaging supplierto develop a flexible package that can be recycled, and […]

Understanding the Total Applied Cost of Label Procurement

The traditional approach to purchasing product labels is to obtain price quotations from an approved vendor list, and then select the supplier with the lowest cost per thousand. Other factors such as timing and experience with the vendor might come into play, but generally the key determining factor is price per thousand.  It’s simple, straight […]

Supply Chain Challenges

Nearly every aspect of our lives has been affected by one or more supply chain issues recently. Whether it is the decrease in the supply of oil and it’s affect on gas prices, or the shortages of many consumer goods, we’re all aware of how interconnected the world has become. And it seems like every […]

Digital vs. Flexography: What is the right printing process for your labels?

“I don’t care if my labels come out of a cereal box, as long as they look as expected, perform properly, and meet my price point.” We’ve actually heard some customers and prospects say things similar to the above.  And this attitude does have some merit when you think about it. If the customer is […]

Designing Packaging to Optimize Recyclability

We are all in agreement about recycling everything we can for a healthier world and conservation of resources. Recycling is a key element of an overall circular economy strategy. This is as true for packaging as any other consumable. Yet despite our best efforts, not every package we target for recycling gets recycled. There are […]