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Service and Tech Support

Technical support for thermal printers, inkjet printers, and labeling software

Downtime is a loser – of time, productivity, and ultimately money. Unbudgeted repairs add up to losses. Reduce the cost of downtime caused by the need for repairs.


Rest easy knowing we have you covered

We have more than 40 years of experience providing technical service and support for most printer manufacturers. Whether we dispatch a technician to your facility, provide phone support, or we work on your printer in our own depot, you will have peace of mind  we will help reduce your operational downtime, while our preventative maintenance work helps reduce the risk of downtime in the future.
We ensure your labels, ribbons, and ink all work in harmony to produce superb labels every time.


Annual Service Agreement

Consider our annual service agreement if you expect to have two or more service calls during the year. Utilizing our certified printer repair technicians can extend the life of your printers and printheads.
With an All-Inclusive Service Agreement, you receive:
  • Prompt, local, on-site service from our certified technicians
  • Free labor & travel, exclusively for members with on-site service contracts
  • Genuine OEM printer parts for free (excludes printheads)
  • Free phone support from one of our highly trained technicians
  • Two preventative maintenance calls per year, scheduled at your convenience.

Featured Markets

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