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AWT was thrilled to attend CPMA Vancouver 2024! We were able to make amazing connections with many visitors and exhibitors just like you! We were honored to join this dynamic show floor filled with numerous booths, and exhibit the sustainable products, labeling solutions,  and cutting-edge technology that shape us as a company. 

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High performance, high quality

 Our state-of-the-art printing technology provides up to 10-color reverse or surface print roll-stock, in a variety of structures based on your product or application needs. 

Single or multi-layer printed and laminated films are our business, and our experts can answer any questions you have.  Our printed and unprinted structures are made to stand up to the daily demands you require.


Work with our experts to ensure the right lidding film for your product and the tray to be sealed

AWT’s film techs are well versed in the primary sealing equipment used for food and other perishable products. They also understand the need to combine specific films with the right tray so that an effective seal is accomplished. Primary concerns are the need for any barriers to moistrure and/or oxygen. Our extensive knowledge in these critical areas will help ensure a perfect project, every time.


Knowledge and expertise can help bring those design ideas to reality

Shrink sleeves can be printed on a variety of materials and finished with unique effects such as metallic, matte, or glossy finishes. These materials and finishes can enhance the design and make the product stand out on the shelf.
Shrink sleeves can also be customized for different product variations, such as different flavors or sizes. Variable designs can be created by using unique color schemes, patterns, and typography for each variation, making it easier for consumers to identify different product offerings.


It is our mission to fully understand your needs, challenges, and your vision

Whether you are updating your current packaging or launching a new brand, AWT’s experts can guide you along the way. We offer a range of custom printed pouches with premium quality print capabilities to cost effective roll stock films. 


AWT delivers custom labels and packaging for your unique application and market

Utilizing a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesives, material combinations, and flexographic printing techniques, we develop solutions that support the evolving needs of your brand and products.

It’s not easy to get these results. Flexographic printing is complex, and experience is indispensable. AWT has some of the most knowledgeable press operators in the industry. Our team are highly skilled and take great pride in their work. In fact, we share our expertise to help our industry. Other printers send trainees to our in-house flexography school to learn the craft from AWT.


Our experts can help you choose the right closure system for your application

Different flexible packaging applications will need different closure solutions. Not all products will require a complete ‘barrier’ close. And conversely, not all products will lend themselves to a closure designed only to keep the contents in the package. Our experts will listen to your requirements and recommend the best options for product viability and cost-effectiveness.


Our experts can recommend specific solutions depending on your application and your sustainable packaging or labeling objectives

AWT offers a wide selection of sustainable packaging and labeling options which reduce environmental impact while maintaining shelf impact. Our Terrene portfolio of sustainable materials can help you achieve your own sustainability goals and communicate your brand’s environmental commitment to consumers.