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Design and Engineering

Built well, branded well

Our experienced team of design, R&D and press experts are here to help you succeed from initial conception to final product delivery. Discover how we can help from A to Z. 


Do you need help with your label product, flexible package, or converted component? AWT provides creative graphic solutions for a range of products including package design, custom label design, new material branding, re-branding and more! Through partnering with our customers and internal brainstorming, our design team develops concepts that need and exceed our clients’ expectations. AWT Labels & Packaging can be a one-stop-shop for your creative and production needs. 


Pre-press is crucial to successful printing and encompasses various steps to prepare for actual printing. AWT’s process involves digital pre-press and color separation, production of printing plates, color management, substrate and ink selection, pre-flight checks, proofing and validation. Plate imaging using CTP technology, quality control, and proper storage for potential reusability are also of key importance. Our attention to detail is an essential component for achieving accurate and high-quality printing results for our customers. 


From creating and improving concept designs to specializing in design assistance for complex converting components, so much of what we do begins as an idea. AWT provides feasibility studies for manufacturing products with little to no product precedent, we perform physical and mechanical testing on materials and products, and assist with material selection and sourcing. Our team’s expertise and years of experience help foster a closer partnership between our departments and customers. Our prototyping focus empowers us in transforming our clients’ visions from an idea into reality more quickly and accurately.

Research and development

AWT’s Research and Development (R&D) team follows a strategic process to innovate, create, and improve our customer’s labels and flexible packaging. We set clear objectives, allocate our resources, conduct market research, ideation, feasibility studies, prototyping, collaboration, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, project management, data analysis, and documentation. Our goal is to create successful outcomes, transitioning from research to label development and to delivery of the final product. Our culture of continuous improvement is integral to refining our R&D strategies for ongoing innovation and competitiveness.

Specification audit


AWT’s standardization adheres to consistent practices and specifications in the flexographic printing process. This involves standardized color management, printing plates, ink formulation, substrate specifications, press settings, and overall process control. Customers benefit from our goal of achieving consistent and high-quality results across various label and flexible packaging products. Our standardization process also includes proofing, documentation, training, and compliance with industry certifications and standards. The continuous improvement and adherence to these standards help us create a reliable and efficient partnership process that meets customer expectations and industry requirements.


When it comes to ensuring an outstanding final label product, flexographic testing is essential for maintaining the reliability and quality of the printing process. Regular assessments help identify and address potential issues promptly, ensuring that the printed labels and flexible packaging meet the required standards and our customers’ expectations.

Value add /value engineering

Value engineering is widely used across the various markets we work in, with the aim to enhance the value proposition of label products and our processes. Our value engineering emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and a systematic approach to achieving the absolute best results for our customers. Wherever possible, AWT aims to add value across all products in every market to drive innovation and efficiency.

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