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Lidding Film

Lidding film for a wide range of food packaging applications

Consumers are naturally drawn to lidded trays because they are convenient and often come with the ability to reseal the package. An additional benefit is that consumers can visually see the level of freshness of the product. AWT provides multiple lidding film constructions with reseal capabilities as well as single use “peel and discard” applications.


Work with our experts to ensure the right lidding film for your product and the tray to be sealed

AWT’s film techs are well versed in the primary sealing equipment used for food and other perishable products. They also understand the need to combine specific films with the right tray so that an effective seal is accomplished. Primary concerns are the need for any barriers to moistrure and/or oxygen. Our extensive knowledge in these critical areas will help ensure a perfect project, every time.


Lidding Film Options

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