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Specialty Retail

Solutions for retail and promotional needs

AWTs extensive capabilities enable us to provide the special features and visual effects that generate enhanced interest and engagement with consumers.


Bring AWT your unique challenge and we can help with a solution

Specialty printing techniques can create unique products for consumers and help marketers and retailers drive sales. A winning solution can show-off your brand or provide an exciting user experience for consumers. Whether it is a novel material, eye-catching finish, or interactive feature such as smell, QR, scratch-off, glow-in-the dark, we provide clients with deep manufacturing expertise, innovative ideas, and a ‘can do’ attitude.


An innovation culture sets us apart

We are regularly presented with unique materials, printing, and converting processes across a wide range of industries and product applications. Whether its a unique retail product, innovative promotional campaign our knowledge and experience leads to innovative solutions for your specialty needs.

Unique printing and converting solutions for specialty retail and promotions

Static Clings

  • Reverse-printed to read through and adhere to  glass and plastic
  • Two-sided printing for reading from both sides
  • Removable adhesives that can stick and re-apply to multiple surfaces


  • Wide ranging print options and embellishments including hot stamping, metallic, holographic and glitter patterns
  • Custom die-cut shapes and finished for bulk, stacked or roll formats 

Temporary Tattoos

  • Printed using HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) safety guidelines
  • Using food-grade inks and substrates in a GMP facility


  • Instantly redeemable coupons
  • Random or sequential numbering for tracking results
  • Folded coupons
  • Four-color printing with full range of PMS colors
  • Extended label panels for coupons or consumer information

Scratch and Smell

  • Hundreds of microencapsulated fragrances to choose from
  • Four-color printing with full range of PMS colors

Scratch and Reveal

  • Retail or business promotional campaigns
  • Gift cards and long-distance phone cards
  • Games, lotteries with sequential or random numbering

Glow In the Dark – Stickers and Inserts

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