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Precision Converting

Engineered solutions that deliver form, fit, and function

Custom precision components and constructions can meet a range of functional requirements for your products including surface protection, heat or RF shielding, separation, encapsulation, fluid control, venting, or vibration management. Our organization and systems guarantee confidentialty, innovation, and quality with every step from your ideation to delivery in the market.


Your partner in product development and scale up for growth

We offer R&D, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of flexible adhesive, material, and film-based solutions for the medical, electronics, mobility, and security industries. With a multi-site production capability, international R&D teams, and partnerships with the most innovative material suppliers we can help customers scale up with cost effective solutions as product demand grows.


Precision material processing and converting to meet product performance goals

AWT provides precision die-cutting on a variety of materials with parts produced on flexible converting equipment to tolerances as tight as ± 0.001″. A wide range of performance and functional materials can be converted, from thin films and laminates to plastic and rubber and challenging adhesive systems.

Featured Markets

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