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Customized pouches to meet your specific packaging needs

Ranging in a variety of sizes, stand-up pouches are typically produced with an easy open/close feature, press to close zipper, tear notch and a bottom gusset for upright shelf display.


It is our mission to fully understand your needs, challenges, and your vision

Whether you are updating your current packaging or launching a new brand, AWT’s experts can guide you along the way. We offer a range of custom printed pouches with premium quality print capabilities to cost effective roll stock films. 


Popular packaging for a wide range of products

Some of the advantages of pouch packaging include:

  • Lighter weight and more compact than other types of packaging, which reduces shipping costs and environmental impact.
  • Easy to store and stack, taking up less space on store shelves and in warehouses.
  • Can be designed with various features like resealable closures, spouts, and windows to showcase the product.
  • Provides protection from moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors that can affect product quality and shelf life.
  • Can be customized with various colors, graphics, and branding to make the product stand out on store shelves.

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