Protecting the integrity of your brand

Tamper-indicators, seals, overt and covert printing technologies, and labels to fight counterfeiting. Multiple solutions and custom designs for a growing and changing threat.


You've worked hard to build your brand. We can help you protect it

Extensive experience in implementing security solutions across the financial, premium wine and spirits, medical device, clinical research, and mobility markets give AWT a deep understanding of how products and brands can be compromised by copycats or tampering. We partner with our clients on ideation, understanding regulatory requirements, material selection and manufacturing processes to provide the security features needed and deliver peace of mind.


A wide array of innovative solutions to secure your product and packaging and protect your brand

Attempts to copy or ‘knockoff’ authentic products and tamper with product integrity are becoming more widespread and sophisticated. For over 50 years, we’ve been building a portfolio of secure printing, label, and packaging capabilities and utilize R&D to help our clients address the evolving landscape of security risks and need for authenticity. 

Featured Products

Achieve premium print effects and cost-effective solutions For attractive labels and packaging with unrivaled graphics and color reproduction, flexographic printing...
Quick, cost-effective, strategic runs From design to product launch, digital labels and packaging allows you to deliver the right message...
Getting personal: Variable data & image printing for labels Marketers have historically tried to ‘appeal to the masses’ and reach...
Engineered solutions that deliver form, fit, and function Custom precision components and constructions can meet a range of functional requirements...
Protect your intellectual property, deter conterfeiting, and ensure compliance with Security solutions. Security printing and converting result in documents or...
Improve business operations and customer experience with RFID RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels and tags offer numerous benefits and are...
The new standard for mission critical label printing Cost-effective solutions that enable you to effortlessly create in-house, high-quality, customized color...

Featured Capabilities

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