5 Packaging Trends to Watch Out For in the Personal Care Space

Personal care is on the rise and, let’s be honest, everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing their products. However, while achieving the holy grail of differentiation is great, if you want to tell your potential customers anything, you have to get their attention first.

This is where packaging can make or break you.

Today, you might get five seconds to make an impression with a buyer – if you’re lucky. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Consumer choice creates the opening in the market. With so many options, however, it is easy for your product to get lost in the sea of solutions. Whether your product is being picked up in a physical retail location or discovered through social media, packaging is going to be one of the first ways your customer comes into contact with your brand.

We are here to help. Here are five trends in the personal care packaging space that will help your products to thrive and connect with the people you were meant to serve.

Leave Some Space

Give your packaging design some room to breathe by leaving some clean space. Bold, bright colors can have their best effect when given room to express themselves. Clean white packaging can also be given a subtle touch of quality with various coatings. Whether it is the entire package or just the label, soft-touch matte varnish not only delivers a striking look, it also elevates the tactile feel of your product.

If your packaging has enough space, you can also include product see-through windows. This is a beautiful aesthetic option that promotes product transparency – and giving any potential customer an inside look before they purchase might just be the deciding factor.

Stay Sustainable

Customers are more environmentally aware than ever. The good news is that using more eco-friendly materials and delivery systems in your packaging makes sense across the board. Showing your stance on the environment and your company’s commitment to the big picture impact of commerce can strengthen the connection with your customers. Using flexible rather than rigid packaging is also more economical in terms of shipping and storage costs – rigid packaging takes up more room per unit on the truck and in warehouses. Over time, these savings can make a huge positive impact on your business as well as the environment.

Convenience is Key

When designing your packaging, you must always consider the user experience. What is the best way to discover and interact with your product? Flexible packaging options are gaining traction thanks to the convenience they provide. Pouches are easier to store and use than bottles. Wipes are emerging because as a more convenient, on-the-go option for beauty products that were once thought to be used only at home. Resealable labels on flexible packaging can help to ensure a seamless customer experience. AWT’s team of experts can help you to sort out these finer details to ensure the ultimate user experience.

Customize It

Another great way to surprise and delight customers is to personalize your packaging. This works with new releases, relaunching older products, refreshing products, or timing a release around a specific event relevant to your customers. Add scratch and sniff scent labels to refresh classic products or glow in the dark stickers for a special event. We can guide you towards high-quality comprehensive flexo label printing or digital label printing with a faster turnaround. It really comes down to your project goals and timeline.

Go Vintage

With all the sleek options on the shelves today, a touch of retro is a great way to connect with your audience. Think slightly more detailed designs and alternate color palette options. Nostalgic elements can resonate with your customer no matter how long your brand has existed. Adding a vintage look to a customized special edition is an excellent way to combine two packaging trends for maximum impact.

We understand that every product has individual needs. Consider these five trends as general, scratch-the-surface guidelines for your projects. We don’t guess about what is working in today’s market – we utilize over 40 years of experience as experts in packaging. We would be happy to take a look at your specific project needs and map out a full strategy for your upcoming product line. Call 612-706-3700 today or drop us a note here at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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