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Make Your Household Product Stand Out

The household product market can seem saturated with numerous options; one walk down your local retail store aisle is all the proof you need. From laundry detergents to room deodorizers to floor cleaners, there are seemingly countless choices for a consumer to choose from! It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your product […]

The Great Shelf Life Debate

The issue of the ideal shelf life is a debate that likely will never be settled. The reason for the debate and the complicating factors is that in order to address this issue, some device manufacturers have instituted a ‘remaining shelf life’ requirement. In effect, this is a non-negotiable requirement stating that any component with […]

Laser or Thermal Transfer?

A frequent label question from startup medical device manufacturers, or existing companies implementing a new line, is whether it’s best to use laser jet or thermal transfer for in-house printing.  The typical way which this is decided is by utilizing the “Pioneer Theory”.  This states that since pioneers in the past stood a risk of […]

Medical Device Labels & the Impact of Branding

As new medical devices are introduced to the market in ever-increasing numbers, it becomes increasingly critical for clients to have effective, and concise brand identity-oriented messaging on their labels and packaging. Between sterile barrier issues, tamper-indicating features, and FDA mandated label information, ensuring that the label and package both complement and advance a device manufacturer’s […]

Why Conduct Formative Evaluations?

Take time to read this informative blog post about the importance of formative evaluations when it comes to medical device interfaces. Courtesy of the Medical Device Research Group (MDRG). The below link will take you away from the AWT website. Why conduct formative evaluations? – MDRG

Beverage Labeling Excellence

It’s a known fact that the labeling and packaging of an item can have tremendous influence over how people perceive a product, and it’s no different when it comes to the beverage industry. It’s widely known among product marketers that consumers usually select a product at the store withing 10-20 seconds. Packaging, then in fact, […]

3 Ways the Look & Feel of Flexible Packaging Can Inspire Purchases

It’s no secret that the use of flexible packaging is on the rise. According to numbers generated by a Harris Poll chartered by the Flexible Packaging Association, 26% of all brands have increased their usage of flexible packaging in the past five years, and 31% intend to increase their flexible packaging usage in the next […]

5 Packaging Trends to Watch Out For in the Personal Care Space

Personal care is on the rise and, let’s be honest, everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing their products. However, while achieving the holy grail of differentiation is great, if you want to tell your potential customers anything, you have to get their attention first. This is where packaging can make or break […]