Make Your Household Product Stand Out

The household product market is saturated with options; one walk down your local retail store aisle is proof. From laundry detergents to room deodorizers to floor cleaners, there are so many choices a consumer can choose from! It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your product stands out on shelf amongst the many, and AWT Labels & Packaging is here to help.

There are a few packaging trends that could potentially give your household product brand that eye-catching appeal you need. Let’s take a look at what they are and how AWT can assist in getting you there.

Trend #1: Shape

The shape of a product’s bottle or container can help it stand out in aisle. As consumers are often searching for products that are both easy to use and store in the household category, making the shape of your packaging user-friendly is a sure way to get noticed. For example, in the laundry detergent category, flexible pouches are growing in demand as single-use sachets are becoming more popular. Creative packaging may just be the thing that pushes a shopper to buy your product. But with consumers wanting versatile use and storage capabilities, how can you ensure your brand’s name stands out and becomes a household staple, too?

AWT’s Solution: Expanded Graphics Surrounding the Entire Package

AWT offers flexible packaging and shrink sleeve solutions that allow for 360 degrees of graphics, making your brand easy to spot on shelf. Flexible packaging, specifically, also reduces the product package footprint for shipping and storage. Whereas shrink sleeves can fit uniquely contoured bottles and provide ample retail space for product information and eye-catching graphics. When using shrink sleeves, brand owners can reduce the cost of the container by using generic bottles for several different products and sleeve them in accordance with your forecast.



Trend #2: Variety

People love variety; some even say it’s the spice of life. Gone are the days where a generic all-purpose cleaner is the only good in the aisle. Consumers are now looking for household-specific cleaning products: one for the toilet, another for the shower, a third for the sink. And they’d love an option of scents, to boot! While this may be true, purchasing labels for all of those different SKUs can become an expensive endeavor for brands.

AWT’s Solution: Digital Printing

With AWT’s option to print labels digitally, you can save money by cutting plate costs completely. This hyper-personalized method of printing gives you the option to print many SKUs in less time. Consumers can choose from the variety of scents and specialties, and brands can keep pricing down. Win-win.  Likewise, digital printing offers a great solution for startups and test marketing. Got a new wood floor cleaner you want to try in store? No problem! Digital printing allows a short run at a low cost to test your new target market.


Trend #3: Go Green

Environmentally conscious consumerism is an ever-growing trend. But did you know that businesses can boost sales by establishing themselves as environmentally responsible? According to a 2014 global survey done by Nielsen*, 52% of respondents said they check a product’s label to ensure that the brand is committed to a positive environmental impact. While changing household product packaging entirely to reflect this greener initiative could be expensive, there are small steps your company can take to show shoppers that you care about Mother Earth.

AWT’s Solution: Think Big, Print Small

Household products oftentimes come with complex use directions and ingredient lists. Many of them are required by law to be printed on packaging. But all of that extra information can take up a lot of space, or even require companies to print multiple labels for the same product. Not such a green initiative for the concerned consumers. At AWT Labels & Packaging, we recommend onserts. Also known as extended content labels, onserts are booklets attached to the label on a package. They are perfect for products that need to list extra information such as multiple translations, ingredients, and directions for use. Just check out the amount of content on your go-to lawn and garden product label for an example. Providing a way to incorporate all necessary information while keeping excess waste a minimum is a great first step towards going green!



No matter what trends come about in the household product industry, AWT Labels & Packaging has creative solutions to make sure your product stands out on shelf. For more information on how we can help with your labeling needs, visit our website.



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