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4 Easy Steps for Shrink Sleeve Success

Considering shrink sleeves for your product?  We’re here to help! Check out these advantages of shrink sleeves and easy tips to get your project started on the right foot. Advantages to Shrink Sleeves

Flexible Packaging Trends

The use of flexible packaging continues to evolve as new film structures and applications come on –line.  When you visit any retail or grocery store, there are plenty of examples of Brand companies using flexible packaging for their product package instead of rigid containers such as a standard box, jar or can. Cost savings play […]

Sustainability Is Not Just a Passing Fad

Sustainability is a real movement for change, both in what we do and how we look at things. The earth has limited resources and as its inhabitants, it’s our responsibility to reduce our negative impact on these resources. AWT is committed to helping create a sustainable world not only by implementing eco-friendly practices within our […]

Visibility Beyond the Store Shelves

Labels on beauty or personal care products have a unique opportunity to draw more visual interest on the store shelf than other products in, say, the insect repellent spray section of the store (no offense to bug sprays). If a beauty or personal product label has a dynamic and visually engaging design, not only will […]

The Easy Way to Reduce Food Label Obsolescence

What is Food Label Obsolescence & What Causes It? It’s frustrating when Brand Owners have to throw away labels because the brand copy, ingredients or nutritional facts change!  Consequently, the obsolete labels are “trashed” and a brand new batch is produced with the updated information. The top two causes of obsolescence are commodity market fluctuation […]

$ave Some Green with Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is taking over the shelves both in stores and at home and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s quite economical to produce, easy to transport, and takes up less storage (as well as landfill) space when compared to many of the rigid packaging options out there. With consumers and brand owners alike […]

Pet Food Pouch Packaging Positivity

Trendy, user-friendly packaging is quickly taking over the pet food market! Increasing consumer demands are motivating the specialty pet food market to expand and diversify its packaging options.  As a result, pet food companies are saying “goodbye” to old style, multi-wall paper bags/metal packaging and saying “hello” to flexible plastic packaging solutions such as re-closeable […]

“Why Isn’t This Sticking!?”

Bon Jovi’s now infamous lyrics, “the more things change, the more they stay the same” are true in life, but, as time has proven, is equally true with label adhesion (though Bon Jovi would have never contextualized his song within the labelling industry)! Adhesion–and the lack of it at times–are a continuing topic of discussion. […]

3 Ways Digital & Flexographic Printing Work Together to Save You Money

Cost-Effectiveness of Combining Flexographic & Digital Printing When it comes to choosing the best printing process for your label job, it can be confusing to know when to choose flexographic or digital printing. They both have pros and cons individually, but did you know that both processes can be utilized during the same product life […]